Live Access From Philippines on Premium rate numbers


9609155352  live access  from Malaysia +601678

9609155345  live access  from Malaysia +601678


231330440262  access  from Qatar 9744

231330661004  access  from Qatar 9744


79585387550  live access  from Philippines  639080

79585388851  live access  from Philippines 639080


There  is   no   cli  limit

There  is   no traffic limit

Payment   terms  :  daily and  weekly

payment   modes : western union . money gram , PayPal

bank wire

User: test

Pass: test

Skype : premium-connect

Hurry   special  offers  also  running

Bonus  of  500$   for traffic  over  150k minutes ina week

bonus  of  1000$   for  traffic  over  250k  minutes in a week

Also   play stations ,mobile phone   to be won

First  of  its kind offer   in premium  number industry


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